On Monday, June 6, 2022, several workshops will be offered, please click on the buttons below to have more information.

For your convenience, workshops registration is integrated into the registration process. As the number of attendees is limited, we strongly suggest you to book your place at the same time as you register for the CHC2022 conference.

S-100: It’s closer than you think. Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Titre: S-100: It’s closer that you think.

Description: You are a manager task to develop the plan toward S-100 implementation in your organization, this workshop is for you. Panel style discussions where case studies are exposed and solutions are explored. Supported by international recognized experts in that field, it will enable participants to solidify their own S-100 roadmap.

S-100: It’s closer that you think

QPS Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Title: Ping to Export: Operationally Efficient Surveys

Description: Performing a survey should be easy no matter what equipment is being used. Whether through environmental or human-induced means there are many obstacles that can cause errors throughout the survey process.  Join QPS in our Operational Efficiency Workshop and see how you can use the QPS workflow to not only know you are collecting good data but be able to rapidly process and tell the story of your survey area.

ESRI Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Title: Next-Generation ArcGIS Bathymetry, Analytics, and Visualization

Description: Are you interested in learning about ArcGIS Bathymetry, Analysis, and Visualization? Whether you are a current ArcMap Bathymetry user, or just curious about what ArcGIS Bathymetry and ArcGIS Pro has to offer, join us for a preview of the next generation of the ArcGIS Bathymetry product. We will discuss the next release of ArcGIS Bathymetry, how it compares and differs from ArcMap Bathymetry, and how we expect it to evolve over the following releases. There will be a live demonstration and plenty of time for audience questions and feedback.

Meredith Payne – ArcGIS Bathymetry Product Manager
Bio - In 2020 Meredith joined Esri from NOAA's Hydrographic Surveys Division. She currently works on Esri's Maritime Development Team as the ArcGIS Bathymetry lead, where she combines her experience in hydrography, her IHO CAT-B Nautical Cartography certification, and GIS expertise to help develop and improve Esri's Maritime products. She also loves to assist customers with their Hydrospatial needs and workflows.  Meredith is particularly excited to be in the process of re-envisioning the ArcGIS Bathymetry product, which she affectionately terms "Next-Gen ArcGIS Bathymetry," and is always on the lookout to collect customer feedback and use cases. Don't hesitate to engage with her for idea exchange during the conference!
Sean Morrish – Senior 3D Product Engineer
Bio - With over 15 years of experience in the AEC/GIS field Seán William a 3D Product Engineer with the 3D Analyst Group at ESRI, has been working on the next generation of 3D solutions for GIS on the desktop, mobile and on the web. He is part of the team architecting and implementing LiDAR data extraction and other 3D solutions which will form an integral part of the integration of LiDAR, Voxels and GIS at national and local scale environments. Seán William’s recent work has focused on testing   the implementation of Voxels capabilities on Desktop and Online.

Kongsberg Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Title: Blue Insight: the digital ocean toolbox

Description: Blue Insight provides an open, modular platform for the processing, visualization and sharing of ocean data. The sensor and platform agnostic system builds on FAIR data principles, with cyber security, efficiency and automated process as guiding principles. Ongoing use cases will be presented and discussed, and participants will be encouraged to bring up other cases for discussion.

Teledyne CARIS Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Title: Teledyne CARIS: From Acquisition to Distribution

Description: Join the team from Teledyne CARIS to learn about the latest products and advancements with the CARIS workflow, which now includes data acquisition, edge processing and streamlined cloud workflows. Explore how the current state, and evolution of CARIS can help situate your organization to tackle the emerging challenges facing our industry, such as autonomous surveys, distributed workforces and data centric operations.

DASCO Equipment Inc. Workshop

Date/time: June 6th 2022 - 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Title: DASCO Equipment Inc.’s Hydrographic Solution Suite Overview

Description: DASCO Equipment Inc with partners Teledyne Marine and Valeport will host a workshop outlining our innovative hydrographic survey execution packages.  Key product discussions will include Teledyne T-series multibeam echosounders and the new T51-R, Teledyne Z-boat series of USVs, Teledyne RapidCast underway profiling system with Valeport RapidPro along with supporting Valeport sound velocity and tide sensors..