Welcome to Gatineau-Ottawa

Dear participants welcome to beautiful Gatineau-Ottawa region. It is an honour and a privilege for me to serve as Chairman of the 2022 Canadian Hydrographic Conference (CHC2022). CHC is the biennial conference hosted by the Canadian Hydrographic Association (CHA). It is the premier hydrographic conference in North America, alternating yearly with the US Hydrographic Conference of The Hydrographic Society of America (THSOA), a friend and a partner.

This gathering is a pivotal occasion to meet players and stakeholders in hydrography from North America and worldwide. Today, this gathering is located in Gatineau, on the Ottawa River, a tributary of the central part of the 3500 kilometres long navigation system Great Lakes - Gulf of St. Lawrence. The River portion, and the Sea portion (also named Gulf of St. Lawrence), is recognized for the navigation challenges it offers. These challenges have resulted in Canada being known as a nursery for excellent ideas and hydrographic innovations leading and serving to guide the evolution of international standards. CHC2022 (www.chc2022.org) with its scientific program, informative vendor displays, and topical keynote speakers will provide you with numerous learning opportunities. During this four day event, you will have the chance to discuss different issues related to hydrography. From dynamic objects to crowdsourcing, to ASVs to hydrospace, you will note the dynamic evolution leading to “A World transformed”.

Although this will be an occasion to learn and do business, make sure to take time to explore and visit this beautiful host region. Whether on the Quebec side or the Ontario side, several interesting attractions await you. Gatineau, known for its quality of life, offers you, among other things, its Museum of Civilization and its magnificent National Park with its rivers, lakes, hiking and cycling trails. Ottawa, Canada’s capital, stands its legendary parliament in front of you and offers, among other things, a beautiful little central market, several museums, as well as the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

This conference would not be possible without your support to the Canadian Hydrographic Association (CHA). A small group of volunteers run the CHA and work hard to keep it alive and offer you this great event every second year. The continuing success of this conference depends on you, our existing and future members, who take the time to pay your annual membership dues on our web site (www.hydrography.ca). It is a minimal amount of money, but it keeps the wheels turning. In closing, I wish you vibrant and lively discussions all week long.

Finally, take the opportunity to visit this very beautiful region, extend your stay and take a vacation to visit Quebec and Ontario, the two most populous provinces of Canada. Enjoy your week and let’s have a great conference!

Richard Sanfaçon

Richard Sanfaçon
President of the Canadian Hydrographic Association